Think + Create.

Design Thought. 

Steven specialises in growing brand equity through the combined use of real world architecture/experiential design, customer touchpoints and digital engagement.

He is also passionate about photography, architecture, brand development through marketing; all while desperately trying to find a healthy work life balance.

With over 20 years experience in these skillsets, Steven brings a wealth of knowledge to any project – whether as an advisory consultant or a project lead to ensure success.

Reach out VAUX – Steven’s studio to engage any of his services.


A Digital Studio that focuses on SEO, Bespoke Web Development and Brand Growth. Steven continues to lead this business.

2003 – present


A Printing Business that focuses on recycled papers and environmentally conscious inks. Distributes throughout Australia. Steven directs this business and also helps with sales occasionally.

2007 – present

Soul of the Ant

An NFT collection collaboration with Jacques van der Merwe. Steven and Jacques work closely on this project.


Instant Pay

Kosta Andonovski and Steven built Australia’s first self reconciling instant payments system through the NPP. We also continued building out advanced AML/CTF detection systems and transaction failsafes that continue to lead the market. Steven works with Kosta on R&D, client implementation and sales.

2021 – present

Hickory Slow

A smoked ribs and cocktail bar on Tamborine Mountain. Steven designed and built interior architecture, complete menu planning for food and drinks, all marketing and business management. Business was sold in 2020.

2017 – 2020

Hello Stanley

A cafe: 600 Stanley St, Woolloongabba, Brisbane. Steven designed all interior, menus, marketing and business management. Business was absorbed into his growing design/marketing agency.

2004 – 2008

Career Highlights

Ainslie Bullion. Brand Management across entire Ainslie Group of businesses. Transformed Ainslie into the 3rd largest bullion dealer in Australia. 2009-2022

ACIT Group. Cold Storage and Food Logistics. Grown into a mid-tier storage and logistics solution in Australia, NZ and Hawaii. 2016- present.

Complete Hotel Interior Renovation : Full Moon Hotel, Sandgate (Drinx Group) 2006-2007. 

IBM Building, Brisbane CBD. Complete interior and exterior signage commission. 2006.

Grand Central Cellars, Brisbane CBD. Interior renovation and rebranding.

Grand Central Cafe, Brisbane CBD. Semi-permanent architecture, built to meet the needs of pedestrian traffic leaving the train station. 2007.

Portside, Hamilton. Interior signage and design, working with developer and architects for the entire precinct. 2005.

Barambah Organics. Complete brand and label work. These labels are still current. 2008.

Clients of Interest

Ainslie Bullion: Bullion and Crypto

Belvedere Hotel
Full Moon Hotel
Grand Central Hotel
Mean Fiddler Hotel

OKAY Bears

ACIT Group


Reserve Vault

Aromas Tea


Blueprint Architects




Barambah Organics

Georges Yoghurt

Art / Exhibit

Everyday Robots

First photographic exhibition in Noosa.


I am Steven

Second photographic exhibition in Noosa.



Third photographic exhibition, Judith Wright Contemporary Art



Photographic collaboration with artist Jacques van der Merwe.